Using Pareto Principle when programming.

Abdallah Yashir
2 min readAug 9, 2018

Nowadays before programming, I usually ask myself :

What is the easiest way can I do that ?

I am not a hero and I am not trying to get any medal.
If there is an easier way to proceed, why choose a more difficult path ?

I try to do things that works, is good enough and make my life easier doing so. Programming is already tough, there is no need to make it even more difficult.

For example, in my screen design there is a list of reports to add.


There is only one icon for addition and another on to toggle valid ones or all as shown above.

When implementing the validation, I have saved all types of data and needed to reset them.

Option 1

Add a delete button.

But there was none in the mockup. I have to modify HTML codes which might lead to design regressions.
Moreover, the designer will most probably update the screen. This will make it harder for me to keep track of the changes.

Option 2

A much simpler solution is to use Postman to remove the data I don’t want and send through a PUT request.



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