My experience working with Windows 10 WSL 2

Abdallah Yashir
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With WSL 2.0, do you no longer need to dual boot with Ubuntu or another distro? Or is it still lacking?

Libraries compatibility with Windows 10

I am working on latest Web Technologies and JavaScript, particularly in the back-end for the time being.

I’ve noticed certain libraries not working well with Windows 10 on the command line or they have been designed mostly for UNIX compliant bash terminal. Due a lack of time, I did not investigate the matter more. I therefore use the new version of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

The best part for me is the ease of installing this sub system.

I however immediately encountered a significant problem requiring me to change my workflow. Docker Toolbox stopped working as Hyper V (virtualisation) was enabled, causing Virtual Box to break.

If you do have Windows 10 Pro or higher edition, you can use Docker Desktop which works really well with Hyper V.

Installing Docker on WSL

Installing Docker on WSL was not as straightforward as I initially thought. I followed a couple of tutorials online but Docker did not start or even installed correctly. I got the error that the application needed a daemon to run. I did not understand what this meant — and by the end of the day — I did not have the willpower to go search the issue.

The next day reading more on using docker on WSL, I missed an important part. The deamon to be used was in fact the docker desktop version one. I just needed to enable let docker desktop show it’s port so that WSL can access it. Once done, they work together seemingly.

Now fortunately there is an extension on Visual Studio Code enabling me to open and use the editor inside a project on WSL. I would otherwise need to use VIM inside the terminal — which is not that bad — but I lost a bit of practice with the mouse-less editor and I prefer using a different tool for Git. So far I am satisfied with solely the use of Visual Studio Code; but using Sublime Merge or SourceTree would have been even better.

On a final note, I notice using WSL and Docker takes a lot of CPU resources and make the fan tick often. The battery seems to also discharge faster.

PS: Did Windows 10 just rebooted in sleep mode after updating?

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