Installing Appium Inspector on Windows 10

How to install Appium Inspector on Windows 10?

Abdallah Yashir
3 min readApr 6, 2022

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to install and use one of the most popular tools for Automating tests on both Mobile and desktop devices.

Navigate to the Appium Inspector GitHub page.

Note that the Inspector tool is now separate from the Appium Desktop one.

Go to the Releases page to download the latest stable version.

Once you’ve downloaded it, when you try to install the application on your machine, you’ll be greeted by this message.

Click on the Run anyway option if you trust the download.

Wait for the installation to complete.

Keep the Run Appium Inspector menu on.

Click on Finish.

Appium Inspector will load up.

Appium Server

If you’re going to run an Appium Server yourself, you can fill in the details for the:

  • Remote Host
  • Remote Path
  • Remote Port
  • Select SSL

Once done, you can then select your “Desired Capabilities” for launching your app.

Cloud Provider

For work, I instead use a Cloud Provider as running both Android & iOS devices locally can be tedious.

I select on BrowserStack and click on Done.

We now have the BrowserStack item appearing in the tab.

Just enter your BrowserStack Username and Access Key along with your desired capabilities to have access to your app rendered on a real device.

You can copy them from your Dashboard in the Access Key menu.

Connect to an App.

The menu icons have been updated.

There’s even a Web/Hybrid mode switch.


Invalid or unsupported WebDriver capabilities found.

If you’re having any issues, a good way of debugging is proceeding by elimination, which means removing one desired capability at a time and testing if the rest works. Or, on the other side, start with one capability at a time.

I solve this bug by letting the option “Automatically add necessary Appium vendor prefixes on start”.

I guess that may be in the earlier versions, Appium Desktop added these prefixes by default.



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