Importance of having descriptive error

Application / API Development

Similarly, when developing software and using APIs, my colleagues and myself do not often plan for errors and simply return general values such as true or false. As a previous frontend developer, in case of errors with the APIs I worked with, I often had to check in the backend codes to understand what the source of the problem.

Why is this important?

After deploying our latest work on a demo server, on launching the application, a 500 Server Error welcomes us. A front end colleague and myself try to debug it as the system works on our local systems. Turns out, after a few hustle, we’ve missed a configuration option. Once added, the error disappears and the application works as expected.

  • save time and focus on the most important features
  • code a Minimum Viable Project (MVP) with least effort and time

Try Catch

Sometimes even if I write the codes myself, after a few days when an error arises, I struggle to understand what is happening, especially without a try catch statement or a generic one on encompassing the whole function.


Another interesting solution is to use Loggers. In JavaScript, you can use console object to log significant part of a function.


Logging libraries NodeJS



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